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Build, Craft, Survive... The Inevitable Server Crash. AFK? More Like "Avoiding Responsibilities". Real Life on Pause. (Hopefully It Stays That Way). Hack and Slash Your Way Through Disappointment. Open World? More Like Open to Endless Bugs. Crafting? More Like Grinding for Digital Garbage. Permadeath? Don't Worry, You'll Probably Ragequit Anyway. GG EZ. (They Won't Know You Looked Up the Meaning). Mic Check 1, 2. Is Your Mom Still Yelling at You? Salty About That Last Match? We Sell Tears (Extra for Ragers). MTX Got You Down? Sell Your Organs for That New Skin. No Life? No Problem. We Celebrate Heretics. Platformer? More Like Prepare for Frustration-Induced Rage. Turn-Based Strategy: Overthink Everything, Still Lose. Rhythm Game? Test Your Button-Mashing Fury. Sandbox Mode: Unlimited Possibilities, Zero Creativity. Psychological Horror: The True Terror? Your Backlog. Tower Defense: Build Walls, They'll Find a Way (to Infuriate You). Visual Novel: Escape Reality Through Text and Waifu Bait. Sports Game: Channel Your Inner Athlete (From Your Couch). Party Games: Friendships Ruined Since [Year First Party Game Released]. Dating Sim: Find Love Virtually (Because Real People Are Scary). New Release Hype? Prepare for Disappointment. Keyboard Warriors Assemble! (Just Don't Break Anything). Lag is the True Enemy. (But Your Lack of Skill is a Close Second). Real Life on Pause: May Cause Memory Loss and Vitamin D Deficiency. GG EZ. (Except When You Lose, Then It's Rigged). Mic Check? Nobody Wants to Hear Your Background Noise. Salty Tears Not Included with Most In-Game Purchases. MTX Got You Down? Maybe Prioritize Rent Over Skins. No Life? We Don't Judge. (But Seriously, Shower Occasionally). Farming Simulator: Escape the Grind by Simulating More Grind. Souls-Like: Prepare to Get Casually Murdered on Repeat. Metroidvania: Explore a Labyrinth Designed to Waste Your Time. Hidden Object Game: Train Your Eyes for the Inevitable Disappointment. Card Game: Pay to Win, or Grind Until You Question Your Life Choices. Flight Sim: Take to the Skies (Without the Threat of Economy Class). Walking Simulator: Enjoy Breathtaking Scenery...At a Glacial Pace. Puzzle Game: Test Your Logic (and Maybe Throw Your Controller Across the Room). Real-Time Strategy: Micromanage Everything Until You Cry. Loot Shooter: Spend Hours Grinding for that Perfect Gun...That Gets Nerfed Next Patch. New Release Hype? It'll Be Buggier Than a Bethesda Game at Launch. AFK? More Like "Avoiding Family Dinner Again." Lag is the True Enemy. (But Maybe Upgrade Your Wi-Fi First). GG EZ. (But Honestly, Good Game...Unless You Cheesed). Mic Check? Nobody Cares About Your Upward-Adjusting Microphone. Salty Tears Power Our Servers (Thanks for Playing!). MTX Got You Down? Maybe Rethink Buying That $100 Hat for a Digital Horse. No Life? We Won't Shame You...But We Do Have Showers Here (Maybe Use Them).

Welcome to the official Dethtek website. A place where you can stay up to date on our happenings. We host game servers, blogs, articles, and sometimes podcasts. Our goal is to network people from different communities for collaborations, game nights, or just for hanging out.

Now get comfy, and stay comfy!



Our Goal

At Dethtek, we've gone beyond the original scope of a small server project. From a catalog of communities and projects, to game servers and guides, we've extended into world-building projects and character galleries. Who knows where we'll go next.

Project Profile

Dethtek is Kannibal's self-hosted server project and subsidiary of The Comfy Guys.

Contact Information

Electronic mail
General Information: dethtek.net@gmail.com



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