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This page is a directory to individuals and communities endorsed by Dethtek.

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Our Friends:

HeadHunters is a welcoming community of individuals who nurture healthy competition and a chill environment.

Video Retro is a close knit server on Guilded and Discord with a focus on retro gaming. Whether it's PC, arcade or console discussions you're after, everyone's welcome.


Communities We Endorse:

DOSBox Deathmatch Club is the ultimate one-stop shop for discussing DOS Games, Deathmatch, and retro gaming all around! Multiplayer events are held twice every week!

US Doom & Quake Community is a great Discord to join for pickup matches for various Doom and Quake games, but also for it's cool community.

Speck's Unreal /v/idya is an old school community founded by Speck who's been hosting Unreal Tournament '99 and UT2K4 since September 28, 2010. You can also find sessions going for Star Wars: Jedi Knight III. All three games are hosted with a schedule in advance. Another way to keep up with the schedules is on the Steam Group as well.


US QuakeWorld is a community ran by m3ssia and friends that is focused specifically around QuakeWorld. If you're interested in joining a community that is open to new players, or would like to stay on top of scheduled pick-up matches for QuakeWorld, make sure to check these guys out.

beatmania featuring DISCORD COMES TRUE! is a community that revolves around the discussion of the classic 5key rhythm game series. Come share your collections, high scores and chat with highly knowledgable people if you have technical questions or information to share.

Modding Linked is a collective of modders, primarily focusing on Bethesda games. They've written numerous guides aimed at enhancing your experience in titles such as Fallout or The Elder Scrolls, ensuring optimal performance. With an active and supportive community, Modding Linked offers valuable assistance for modding enthusiasts.

Omahamaho is the home of eccentric youtuber, MrGrimm & friends. With a community to match his eccentricness, they are one of the most welcoming bunch of folk you will come across. If you enjoy original content and playnights of CS1.6, don't hesistate to join.

/Video Games/Multiplayer/ is a Discord spin-off of the /vm/ - Multiplayer Games board. The community is very proactive about playing online games and are very laid back.

Vidya 4chan is a community of mostly gamers who hang out watching videos together on cytube. They also have a very active Discord where they gather for games regularly.


The goal of Duke Community is to make Duke Nukem great again. The website is a showcase of resourceful old and new user content. It is up to date with the latest news and so much more. Founded by the man himself, ZNukem.

If you're looking to meet new people, PVC is a well rounded social Discord server open to all 18+. They have game nights and stuff too!


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