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Projects & Media

The page serves as a directory to several platforms and creative outlets that we endorse. We only promote gaming, tech, and other geeky hobbies here but there may be exceptions.

Kannibal's Stuff:

Kannibal runs a blog on wordpress where you can read about his thoughts on games and tech.


The Comfy Talk is a talk show hosted by Kannibal about the people who play video games and their stories.


Our Friends Stuff:

CODENAME: BERSERK is a Doom 2 megawad that is currently under development. Lord Reven is handling level design and the music is being produced by MaoZeBong.


Carina is an exceptionally talented musician who is known for her music composed with the sounds of the YM2151 and YM2612 chips in Deflemask.

carina_soundcloud  carina_bandcamp  carina_twitter

Individuals We Endorse:

mariteaux is a versatile creator who's worked on Quake maps, produced music, and is most famously known for his contributions to the Guitar Hero charting community, particularly milohax.


Dee Liteyears is an awesome artist who draws cute and sexy pictures in several styles ranging from 80's anime and sometimes in the style of western comic books.


Platforms We Endorse:

MissingMeshTV is a very engaging twitch streamer who provides detailed commentary so the viewer can follow along. He is also a renowned modder for several Bethesda games, primarily Fallout: New Vegas and the Tale of Two Wastelands mod. Watch him do playthroughs or working his magic.


In The Keep is a podcast where The Motherload interviews a whole variety of people from the gaming industry, to legends in several gaming communities. Expect people from other industries being interviewed as well as entertaining videos with high production value. May the Drowned God Cthalha grace you.


AdNoctem is a variety streamer known for his chill and soothing streams. Check him out on twitch.


Aurie is an epic eGirl streamer who enjoys going for 100% playthroughs of the games she plays. Come request Otamatone solos as well! #adhd


Projects We Endorse:

Retro Game Champion is a preservation project hosting all sorts of vintage gaming material from magazines, concept art, and even soundtracks.


Other Cool Stuff:

MiSTer FPGA is an open source project making use of the DE-10 Nano FPGA which uses cores to re-create various hardware specs with the primary goal of preserving vintage hardware and providing cycle accurate emulation.

misterfpga  misterfpgadiscord  misterfpgapatreon

The GP2040-CE project is an open source solution for the DIY arcade stick community. The gamepad firmware offers a multitude of quality of life features ranging from multi-platform support, SOCD cleaning, and most importantly low input delay.

gp2040ce  gp2040cediscord  gp2040cegithub

LibreQuake is a project aiming to turn Quake into an accessibly free and open source game. They are building the project using assets created from scratch intended to eventually replace all id1 assets. This will enable people to freely distribute Quake legally along with any projects they develop using the id1 quake engine.

librequake  librequake_blue_discord_wip

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