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Mega Grid West


Mega Grid West is a cyberpunk reimagining of Los Angeles County and the surrounding regions. Its timeline parallels ours until the mid-to-late 1990s, when geothermal energy was introduced to the world. The introduction of geothermal energy as a primary power source resulted in a global shift away from traditional power sources and rapid advancement of existing technology and industries. The urban areas are even more densely populated and technologically advanced in this futuristic recreation of Los Angeles County as it quickly evolved into a Mega Grid; a large cluster of sectors the size of small cities. The ecosystems of the forest and desert regions have changed rapidly as the demand for their resources has reduced to just the locals who live there.

The distinction between our reality and Mega Grid West becomes quickly blurred when you start to recognize cultural norms and highly advanced versions of technology that in our world may have been obsolete decades ago. Mega Grid West challenges the concept of technological obsolescence by featuring highly advanced versions of technology that have long since been surpassed in our world. In this setting, seemingly obsolete technology from our world such as CRTs or hand-held devices with physical buttons have been reimagined in innovative ways, resulting in devices that are not only more advanced but also familiar yet alien.

Geothermal energy was harnessed in this world after natural resources were depleted to dangerously low levels. This enabled unprecedented technological progress, paving the way for existing technology to thrive. Transportation, communication, and entertainment have all been impacted.

My goal for Mega Grid West as a world-building project is for me to bring over my OC characters from other canons and fully realize their potential I had in mind for them unshackled by the plausibility of what's possible in those canons.



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