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Gothic Coast City

This page is a WIP. Many details will change or be expanded upon.



- Description: Gothic Coast City sprawls along the rugged and enigmatic Eastern coast of the United States. It exudes a sense of noir intrigue, with its dim, winding streets and towering skyscrapers that nearly graze the overcast skies. The architecture combines Gothic and Art Deco styles, showcasing elaborate stonework, grand facades, and intricate ironwork reminiscent of a bygone era of opulence.


- Neighborhoods: The city is divided into diverse districts, each possessing its unique character and concealed enigmas. Worn-out apartments and working-class areas bear the marks of time, while the streets are adorned with shops and diners, their neon signs flickering like fading memories. In the concealed recesses of these neighborhoods, the criminal underworld prospers, concealed in plain view.


- Downtown: At the heart of Gothic Coast City lies its bustling central district, where the skyline reaches its zenith. Neon signs and marquee lights create a mesmerizing spectacle at night, painting the wet, rain-soaked streets with a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. The affluent elite mingle with the city's underworld in elegant speakeasies and dimly lit jazz clubs, fostering an atmosphere of ceaseless tension.


- Waterfront: Along the city's riverfront, deserted warehouses and decaying docks extend along the water, relics of an industrial past. The melancholic sound of waves lapping against the pilings adds to the eerie ambiance, often serving as the backdrop for clandestine meetings and illicit transactions.


- Transportation: Gothic Coast City boasts an extensive network of trolleys and buses that traverse its labyrinthine streets, providing an escape for those unable to afford the luxury of automobiles. The city's soundscape is a continuous buzz of traffic, occasionally punctuated by distant sirens.


- Time Period: The city has carried over the 1940s and built it's technology around it, capturing the essence of that era with its jazz-infused smoky bars, detectives donning fedoras, and the ever-present allure of mystery and peril concealed in its shadows.


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